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Our Roots: Who We Are

Our Roots

Created in 1942, the First Special Service Force was an elite special forces unit put together by Canada and the United States during World War Two. At the time, the idea of such a unit existing was revolutionary. The Forcemen, as the members of the FSSF were to become known, were highly trained in many skills including parachuting, amphibious landings, skiing, mountaineering, demolitions, and close quarters combat.


Earning a fearsome reputation fighting against German troops in Italy and Southern France, the Force became colloquially known as "The Devil's Brigade". As one of the most effective fighting units in the war, the First Special Service Force paved the way for modern day special forces units including the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) and the US 1st Special Forces Group. The Force was disbanded in late 1944, but its legacy lives on and is honoured through our Association.

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