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Join Us: What We Do

Do you have a deep passion and interest for history? Do you want to know what it was like to be a soldier in World War Two?


There are three units that you can choose to join: The First Special Service Force, the 65th Infanterie Division, and the Canadian Women's Army Corp. We can help develop your reenactment impression so that it is as authentic as possible. We are also currently planning to roll out a group that focuses on regular Canadian infantry impressions, so stay tuned for more details in the coming year! 

Join Us!

What to Expect

As reenactors, we strive for accurate and complete impressions. As such, you will be expected to act and portray the part of a soldier in World War Two. This means that on some weekends you will be digging and sleeping in foxholes and eating canned rations. You will be cold, tired, sore, and uncomfortable. To immerse yourself in the experience, you will be asked to follow orders and to forgo modern conveniences like cell phones, toilets, and electricity. The bottom line: you will be roughing it just like a soldier did 80 years ago on the frontlines.


These experiences allow us to gain insight into what it was like to be a front line soldier during World War Two. In turn, we share that knowledge and educate others about the War.



Once you are a member of the Association, we will train you how to be a soldier in the FSSF, 65th Infanterie Division, or Canadian Women's Army Corp. You will learn fundamental skills like 1940's etiquette, rifle drill, marching, bivouacking, manoeuvering, and mountaineering. You will also gain an in-depth knowledge of the FSSF's history and the Second World War.


Membership Requirements:

- Must be 14 years of age or older.

Minors will not be permitted to operate firearms until they are 18 years old.

- Pass a yearly in-house safety course.

- Pay a yearly $50 membership fee.

- Have a current non-restricted Possession and Acquisition License (Firearms)

- In lieu of not being able to obtain a PAL, then a criminal record check is required.

- It is strongly recommended that you are in reasonable physical condition, and able to lift up to 20kg.

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